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Great Article from John Rubin @ UNC School of Government.

Expanded Forgiveness of a Criminal Conviction by John Rubin Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to participate in a national roundtable, sponsored by the American Law Institute and National Conference of State Legislatures, on current and possible approaches to relieving the consequences of a criminal conviction. We considered three … Continued

Dram Shop Liability Claim Defeated by Contributory Negligence

In a 13-page opinion, the North Carolina Supreme Court recently reversed a decision of the Court of Appeals in regards to a Dram Shop liability claim with an allegation that the decedent was contributor negligence.  The Case is DAVIS v. HULSING ENTERPRISES. In the Davis case, the deceased had drunk … Continued

What is Reasonable Suspicion For a Stop?

This week the Court of Appeals published the decision in State v. Johnson.  Only nine pages in length, the opinion is important in regards to whether an officer had the requisite “reasonable suspicion” that is necessary for a traffic stop.  Many may be surprised by the Court’s holding. The facts … Continued

New State Laws Effective October 1st

New Laws Effective October 1st. TANNING: The Jim Fulghum Teen Skin Cancer Prevention Act, named for a former Wake County lawmaker who pushed the bill prior to his death, prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning bed. DISTILLERY SALES: North Carolina distilleries are now allowed to … Continued

Gay, Jackson & McNally Settles Big Rock Fishing Dispute

The attorneys at Gay, Jackson & McNally were pleased in the final outcome of one of their more public cases that concluded recently. Mr. Gay and Mr. Jackson were counsel for the plaintiffs in case of Michael Topp, Duncan Thomasson, Martin Kooyman, and Black Pearl Enterprises, LLC, Plaintiffs, v. Big … Continued

Domestic Violence Protection Orders

North Carolina men and women who are victims of domestic violence can seek protection and help from Wake County Family Court in a number of ways. A legal document named a “domestic violence protective order” (DVPO) is also called a restraining order, or a 50B. This type of order requires … Continued

Alimony in North Carolina

The process of getting a divorce in North Carolina can be quite complex, and it involves many different decisions that must be made by the court to ensure the fairness of the result for both spouses. One element of divorce is the consideration of alimony payments. Determining the amount of … Continued