Dividing Stock Options in Equitable Distribution Cases

North Carolina divorce proceedings are in place to help divorcing spouses end their marriage in a way that is legally fair to everyone involved. When two spouses file for a divorce, Wake County family court can divide up the assets of both spouses and arrange for an equitable distribution to … Continued

Driving While License Revoked

In North Carolina, drivers face a number of responsibilities while on the road. North Carolina law takes this into account when determining the next steps after a driver commits a moving violation or other law violations.  A driver may have the drivers license revoked and lose the privilege to drive … Continued

Marital Misconduct & North Carolina Alimony Law

As mentioned before, in Wake County, North Carolina, separating spouses must go to Wake County family court and file paperwork in order to legally end their marriage. This process is quite complex and many factors may affect the future requirements of each person. One requirement, alimony payments, may be awarded … Continued

Police Search of Vehicle in North Carolina

Drivers in North Carolina may be stopped while driving when a police officer has reasonable suspicion to pull over the car for a number of driving violations. After a stop is made, the police may also ask to perform a search of the vehicle. A police officer may perform a … Continued

NC Driver License Revocation

North Carolina drivers can face driver license revocation if they are charged or arrested for particular reasons. Drivers who receive a DWI in North Carolina, acquire too many points on a driver license, speed excessively, or commit other infractions may have to deal with the loss of their driver license. … Continued

Domestic Violence Protection Orders

North Carolina men and women who are victims of domestic violence can seek protection and help from Wake County Family Court in a number of ways. A legal document named a “domestic violence protective order” (DVPO) is also called a restraining order, or a 50B. This type of order requires … Continued

Alimony in North Carolina

The process of getting a divorce in North Carolina can be quite complex, and it involves many different decisions that must be made by the court to ensure the fairness of the result for both spouses. One element of divorce is the consideration of alimony payments. Determining the amount of … Continued

DWI Checkpoints

North Carolina drivers should be aware that they could encounter a DWI checkpoint when driving. These DWI checkpoints may appear particularly around holidays or near areas such as bars or restaurants where a larger number of potentially impaired drivers may be found. North Carolina DWI checkpoint laws set out specific … Continued

DWI and reasonable suspicion

Drivers in North Carolina may be stopped while driving when the police officer has a reasonable suspicion that the driver may be impaired. A police officer may pull someone over only when the officer’s suspicion can be clearly articulated. These suspicions can sometimes be challenged by attorneys when it is … Continued

Child Support Cases involving Self-Employed Parents

In North Carolina, parents who no longer live together must each share the financial responsibility of caring for their child. Child support guidelines are often hard to understand, and many factors may have an impact on the eventual decision of the Wake County Family Court on the child support obligations … Continued