Dram Shop Liability Claim Defeated by Contributory Negligence

In a 13-page opinion, the North Carolina Supreme Court recently reversed a decision of the Court of Appeals in regards to a Dram Shop liability claim with an allegation that the decedent was contributor negligence.  The Case is DAVIS v. HULSING ENTERPRISES.

In the Davis case, the deceased had drunk over 10 alcoholic beveragbigstock-Arrow-Signs-13878395es at a bar/restaurant, was visibly intoxicated, and had to be helped back to her room by staff.  The next morning, she was found dead.  The cause of death was alcohol poisoning.  

Plaintiff’s dram shop claim alleged that defendants were negligent per se because they violated N.C.G.S. § 18B-305 by knowingly selling and giving alcoholic beverages to the decedent, an intoxicated person.  The bar raised the defense that the deceased was contributory negligent by drinking too much.  North Carolina negligence laws follow the doctrine of contributory negligence, which bars recovery by the plaintiff if he or she is partially at fault, even if just 1%.  The majority of other states follow the doctrine of comparable negligence, in which the amount of damages is reduced in proportion to the plaintiff’s degree of fault.

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