Changes in “Bill vs Paid” Law

In North Carolina, victims in auto accidents can be legally awarded financial recovery by courts. NC personal injury lawyers are a source of information and guidance through this sometimes confusing process. In 2011, the laws regarding accident claims changed. The new laws have the potential to limit the financial award the accident victim can receive, based on the amount and type of medical or other insurances the victim has. This new process certainly requires skilled Wake County attorneys to ensure that the victim is represented fairly in NC court.

In the old version of the NC law, an auto accident victim could seek a financial award for the full amount of money that was billed to them by their medical providers or the businesses that did repair work on the damaged car. In addition, the victim could seek to receive compensation for lost wages or other issues such as pain and suffering. The new law will limit the amount of the claim to only what the victim paid out of pocket to the medical providers. This amount is determined not by the victim but by the various insurance companies involved. The bill was introduced in North Carolina in order to limit the amount of damages a victim could claim in court.

This new bill is potentially a major source of hardship for the victim. If the victim has health insurance, the victim will essentially be penalized and receive a lower amount of money in their court settlement. The victim is required by law to disclose how much they were paid by their insurer for a particular medical treatment, as well as how much was originally billed. This new law penalizes the victim by disregarding the amount of money paid over the years in insurance payments by the victim—these payments contribute to the lower rate that the medical providers accept, thereby lowering the payout by the insurance companies to the victim.

North Carolina personal injury attorneys are extremely helpful in these types of court proceedings. The newly passed bill in NC can severely limit the amount of damages awarded to the victim. Working with an attorney can help victims understand their options in court and also helps to protect as much as the claim as possible. The new law has made it more difficult for insured North Carolina drivers to receive an appropriate amount of financial compensation in an accident, and NC lawyers are an important source of information and guidance to help victims recover as much as they can.