Driving While License Revoked

In North Carolina, drivers face a number of responsibilities while on the road. North Carolina law takes this into account when determining the next steps after a driver commits a moving violation or other law violations.  A driver may have the drivers license revoked and lose the privilege to drive on NC roads. Once the drivers license has been revoked, North Carolina drivers may face additional sanctions if they continue to drive and are stopped. Working with experienced North Carolina criminal lawyers can help drivers understand why their license was revoked and how to best resolve this issue.

Drivers License revocations can occur for a number of reasons, and Wake County attorneys can help drivers understand these causes. Some of the causes are quite straightforward and related to moving violations, or violations that occur while driving. These include excessive speeding, a DWI, accumulation of too many points on the license, and driving away from the scene of an accident (hit and run). North Carolina can also revoke a drivers license for reasons related to court processes, such as failure to appear in court or pay fines, or as part of another court sentence. Finally, delinquency in child support payments may also result in a drivers license revocation. No matter the reason, once the drivers license is revoked, the driver cannot drive with this license.

A revoked drivers license means that a North Carolina driver will immediately face additional penalties if found to be driving on the revoked license. It is quite important to take the next steps seriously after a revoked drivers license. Failing to do so could potentially result in a longer or even permanent license revocation. In addition, auto insurance rates will increase with a conviction after the North Carolina driver is able to get the license reinstated.

Wake County attorneys are experienced and ready to work with North Carolina drivers following a drivers license revocation. The driver may be often unaware that the license has been revoked, particularly if the revocation was due to accumulating too many points on the license. Drivers may only find this out if they are stopped for another reason. Losing a drivers license to revocation can be frustrating and certainly has an impact on drivers in NC. North Carolina criminal lawyers will help drivers return to the road legally while reducing the risk of any future penalties from North Carolina law.