NC Driver License Revocation

North Carolina drivers can face driver license revocation if they are charged or arrested for particular reasons. Drivers who receive a DWI in North Carolina, acquire too many points on a driver license, speed excessively, or commit other infractions may have to deal with the loss of their driver license. Certain license revocations may take effect immediately following the charge. It is important to understand the implications of a driver license revocation. Speaking with experienced Wake County Attorneys will help you through the process of moving forward from a revoked license.

A civil license revocation is a driver license revocation that occurs when a driver is charged with a violation involving impaired driving. This takes effect immediately in North Carolina. The civil license revocation is not permanent, and North Carolina criminal lawyers can help you understand the steps to take if you are faced with this type of revocation.

Driver licenses will be automatically revoked following a conviction for a DWI in North Carolina. This is different than the civil license revocation explained above. The amount of time that the license will remain revoked depends on a number of factors, including the number of violations the driver has accumulated in North Carolina.

A license can be revoked for other reasons. If too many points are accumulated on a driver license within a certain time period, the license can be revoked. Points can be added to your license for a variety of driving offenses such as passing a stopped school bus or driving on the wrong side of the road, among other things. Excessive speeding is also a reason for having a driver license revoked in North Carolina. If a driver is charged with operating a motor vehicle at particular speeds or above particular speed limits, the North Carolina DMV has the authority to suspend the driver’s license.

After a driver license has been revoked, the driver may be able to obtain limited driver’s privileges, depending on the reason for the initial revocation. Losing driver license privileges is frustrating and often confusing to deal with. Drivers in North Carolina who face a revoked license should consult with experienced North Carolina criminal lawyers in order to understand how to deal with the ramifications of this kind of penalty.