Child Custody cases involving one parent who wants to relocate to a different state

Child custody cases are challenging for parents and their children across North Carolina. Both the parents must agree to a particular set of rules that are in place to make sure the welfare of the child is the primary focus of each of the parents. Wake County Family Court is where these child custody order are established by attorneys of parents in Wake County and then updated if future life circumstances require. Changing life situations may mean that the custodial parent will want to move out of North Carolina with the child. Moving away could seriously alter the child’s relationship with the non-custodial parent. It is important to involve NC Family Law Attorneys to make sure the welfare of the child is considered first and foremost when tackling the challenge of a parent who wants to relocate.

The effect of the move on the child is the most important thing to consider when one parent wants to move out of North Carolina.

Once an imminent move is announced by the custodial parent of the child, consulting with NC Family Law Attorneys will help the non-custodial parent understand the implications of the move for the child. Attorneys may want to know how this will specifically affect the child’s life or what the child may have said about the upcoming move. In addition, it will be important to understand how the current visitation schedule would be potentially changed if the custodial parent moves out of North Carolina. Knowing how flexible the custodial parent has been regarding visits in the current custody order agreement will also help establish a better picture of how the move will affect the child.

A situation where the custodial parent plans to move with the children out of North Carolina can be frustrating to the child’s relationship with the non-custodial parent. NC Family Law Attorneys can help to prepare for this kind of potential situation when developing the initial custody orders. If a non-custodial parent faces this kind of impending move, seeking advice from experienced lawyers in North Carolina can make sure the child’s best interests are taken care of.